Employee responsibility

Working conditions and occupational safety for our employees

For us at Klauke, it is important that nobody has any health concerns at their workplace.

What do we offer our employees?

  • Height-adjustable desks and workbenches
  • Lifting aids for transporting loads
  • Adapted ear protection for noisy areas
  • Annual flu jabs
  • Driving safety training

Ergonomic redesign of the assembly line

To improve working conditions, a new concept was developed for our assembly line. Within the context of this redesign, there was an improvement in workplace ergonomics at the assembly workstations. Thanks to these changes, all tools and components required are located in direct reach. Height-adjustable workbenches are also part of Klauke’s new ergonomic workplace concept.

In addition, the filling of our pump casings with hydraulic oil will take place under vacuum in future. On the one hand, this enables easier filling and, on the other hand, this prevents our staff coming into contact with oil.

Partnership with the voluntary fire brigade

The fire alarm goes off and employees leave the building. A moment later the fire brigade turns up with blue lights flashing. The fire brigade studies the fire alarm system and quickly finds the detector that triggered the alarm. Using the fire brigade plans, the most suitable entrance and the shortest route are determined. There are no smoke or flames to be seen. As this is a drill that was arranged with the voluntary fire brigade for training purposes.

Drills like these enable the fire brigade to familiarise themselves with Klauke’s premises so as to be able to act quickly in an emergency. Moreover, our staff also get the chance to react quickly in such an event. In this way, everyone knows which evacuation route is the quickest and where the assembly points are located.

Fire extinguishing drill

To ensure everyone can help out in an emergency, at Klauke all employees have the opportunity to practise using a fire extinguisher. We carry out drills for this purpose at regular intervals, during which the numerous participants are trained in the theory and practice.

All useful information is passed on during the theoretical part: from the right extinguishing medium to the variation in possible fires and the theoretical use of a fire extinguisher. All necessary things are discussed, before a fire extinguisher is finally handled. In cooperation with a professional service partner, the theoretical knowledge is used to extinguish a tub filled with burning spirit as effectively as possible.