Klauke, Greenlee and HDE are your strong team in electrical technology. Whether in the area of energy supply, industry or

switchgear construction – we stand for professional connection technology throughout the world.

The system makes the difference: better connections with Klauke materials and tools

When it comes to the perfect connection in electrical technology, two things are particularly important: that you have the right tool for every task and that the connection material and tool are perfectly aligned.

We embody the system philosophy. Our extensive product portfolio offers you the right tools and materials for all tasks. Our products enable you to achieve results that satisfy the highest standards. Alongside our standard product range, we also offer you individual cable lugs.

Klauke quality: reliable, resilient, made in Germany

Safety is top priority in the field of electrical technology. That is why we ensure the highest quality in our tools and connection technology. All battery-powered hydraulic tools are produced in Germany; our connection materials are manufactured in Europe.

Battery-powered hydraulic tools from Klauke: clever experts

Our battery-powered hydraulic tools can do much more than just cut, crimp and punch. By minimising tool weight and distributing this weight perfectly, occupational health is supported. The i-press app offers you many intelligent functions: from automatic quality control for every crimp to the documentation of work carried out and the display of crimping processes still available. The data can be read on the tool display or exported via Bluetooth.

Mechanical tools from Klauke: strong support

Our mechanical crimping and cutting tools are optimally geared towards achieving a high quality of work and precision with as little effort as possible. Thanks to clever ergonomics, tools sit well in the hand and provide a secure grip. Optimised leverage transfers force to the right place and reduces the effort required from you considerably. High-quality materials ensure that premature wear and tear does not occur, even when working conditions are hard.

Cable-pulling technology: for greater order

With our Greenlee cable-pulling systems, you can work in an accurate and orderly manner. The design is user-friendly right down to the finest detail – and longevity is guaranteed thanks to extremely robust materials.

Punching: accurate and quick

Greenlee punching tools help you to achieve accurate results. The absence of burrs is guaranteed, as is a high level of safety in use.

Testing and measuring devices: precise information

When you need to know exactly, our testing and measuring devices from Greenlee and HDE provide detailed information. Precise results are always available quickly, whether in the low-, medium- or high-voltage range. The digital multimeters also offer additional functions, such as evaluation and archiving.

Our tool service: customer requirements consistently implemented

Having your tools ready and available at all times is crucial for your work. To offer you maximum support with this through our service, we offer you the three components of inspection and maintenance, repairs and a device hiring service. Repairs normally take around four workdays – using our device hiring service you can bridge this gap using hired devices. We work with authorised service centres outside Germany, which take on repairs, inspection and maintenance for our customers on site.

Our customer advisory services: greater knowledge brings greater security

Whether it’s a question of conveying basic knowledge in training sessions or answering detailed questions during use, we are here to support you: personally on site or in our company, using video consulting or via our detailed specialist reports.

Electrical engineering entirely under one roof: our industry solutions

Electrical engineering in the areas of electrical cabinets, installation, energy and industry brings with it different requirements, standards and peculiarities. Our industry solutions are precisely geared to these in each individual case. You will find the right tool and material for every area from us.

In electrical cabinet construction and electrical installation, we cover all work areas with our technology: crimping, cutting, screwing, punching, measuring, testing and inspecting. Tools and materials are tailored precisely to optimised ways of working and the required standards.

In the field of energy supply, there are numerous different requirements. With a product portfolio that includes the brands Klauke and Greenlee as well as HDE devices, we offer you a seamless system in terms of connection technology.

In the area of industrial electrical engineering, larger cross sections are usually the focus. With our high-performance battery-powered hydraulic crimping tools, cutting tools and table-top devices for assembly, we offer you a suitable product range.