Tools and connectors for panel builders

As a panel builder, you know: To be able to create reliable and tested connections in control cabinets or in the complete switchgear, you need the right tool. With Klauke and Greenlee products, you as a panel builder get everything from a single source. The toughest safety requirements are satisfied – from connectors, to tools, to crimping, cutting, screwing and punching and even testers.

The Klauke name – with 135 years' experience and more than 10,000 products - stands for your success in control cabinet construction. Benefit from our years of experience. Simply contact us for advice. And when it comes to preparing cable lugs and the correct crimp type, take a look at our Technical Reports. You won’t be disappointed!

Which tools does a panel builder need?

There is no one answer. In the end, it comes down to the application. The following tools, however, are suitable for typical applications in a control cabinet.

EK 35/4 ML Battery powered hydraulic crimping tool 6 - 150 mm²

  • Large cross section range up to 150 mm²
  • Slim crimping head - ideal when space is critical
  • Powerful 10.8 V Li-Ion battery technology with battery charge indicator

DM-820A Digital multimeter, True RMS

  • Contactless voltage detection
  • Recording of peak value (5 ms peak hold) max, min and max/min results
  • Automatic and manual range selection

CM-960 Digital clamp meter

  • True RMS actual effective value for the most precise measurements
  • Current measurement AC/DC
  • Easy-to-read backlit display for poor lighting conditions

Torque-wrench set, 1.5 - 3.0 Nm

  • Easy torque adjustment using an Allen key
  • Precise release when reaching the set torque

K 05 / K 05 SP Syncro crimping tools for tubular cable lugs and connectors standard type 6 - 50 mm²

  • Synchronised die selection when in the open position
  • Cross-section display on marked adjusting wheel

Automatic wire stripper, 0.02 - 10 mm²

  • Self-setting cutting and stripping tool for commercially available flexible cables 0.02 - 10 mm² and solid conductors to 1.5 mm²
  • Easily replaceable blade system
  • Long service life of pliers due to precise adjustment for stripping thin insulation without damaging the conductor

EK 50 ML Electromechanical crimping tool 0.14 - 50 mm²

  • The Klauke micro with intuitive PowerSense function combines the benefits of manual crimping pliers with the convenience of battery powered hydraulic crimping tools
  • Excellent crimps with minimum effort

VDE slotted screwdriver, Slim Line

  • Ergonomically-shaped handle with optimum force transmission
  • An anti-roll guard prevents rolling away on inclined surfaces
  • Reduced space requirements for use in confined areas (e.g. spring-cage terminals)

ES 32 ML / ES 32 F ML Battery powered hydraulic cutting tools 32 mm dia.

  • Cuts multi-stranded copper and aluminium cables (ES 32 ML)
  • Cuts fine and superfine stranded copper cables (ES 32 F ML)
  • Slim cutting head - ideal when space is critical

Are you looking for the best connectors and tools for your work in control cabinet construction? Our product specialists are happy to advise you – from professional to professional:

Via the Klauke Service telephone (+49 02191 / 907-0) or live with our technical advice by video (Link Setzen). Our application technicians show you how to use the tools to the best advantage. We are happy to advise you!