Compression cable lugs acc. to DIN 46235: with formative information

DIN 46235 defines the fields of application, dimensions and the marking of compression cable lugs. Compression cable lugs to this standard can be used for single, multi, fine and superfine stranded conductors. The structure of the conductor is defined in DIN EN 60228 (IEC 60228). Previously, the conductor structure was described in VDE 0295. Moreover, copper cables to DIN 48201 Part 1 can be processed with these cable lugs. During processing, sector-shaped conductors must be pre-rounded using the correct tool. Pre-rounding dies with the suitable sector-shaped sleeves, for example. 

The markings on the product provide useful information on the origin and use of the compression cable lug - the same also applies for tubular cable lugs. Stamp »KL 20 12 - 120«, for example, means:


  • KL: Manufacturer code (in this case Klauke)
  • 20: Tool code (only for cable lugs to DIN 46235)
  • 12: Standardised metric bolt dimension for the connecting bolt – in this case, M12 bolts
  • 120: Intended conductor cross-section in mm²


Compression cable lugs also have markings which provide information on the number and width of the crimps. For processing, the standard recommends hexagonal crimping dies to DIN 48083, Part 4. This standard describes the dimensions of the hexagon crimp form. So you can be sure the connection fully satisfies the DIN standard. The conductor cross-sections of compression cable lugs ranges from 6 mm² to 1000 mm², the hole diameter for the connecting bolt is between M5 and M20.

Compression cable lugs are produced from electrolytic copper: A copper tube is formed by shaping and trimming sheet material. To protect from corrosion, compression cable lugs are tin-plated as standard – the same for tubular cable lugs and solderless terminals. Bright versions are also available. The corresponding compression joint is defined in DIN 46267 Part 1. The properties and processes, are, however identical.

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